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Life is comparable to a book
Which would make today a page
Don't dream of the drama unfolding
Act it out upon the stage

If the stage is your lonely room
And the theatre is your home
Then why not be the protagonist
Heroes never die alone

If you are treading those boards tonight
Then be careful how you go
Show the world and open your mind
To learn things that remain unknown

And if you are the director
Make sure the cast know their lines
If their actions stray away from the plot
Then cast them out of your life

If you are seeking attention
Awaiting ovation from the stalls
Be sure to do something worthy
Before the last curtain falls

Our fallen hero or heroine
Will rise for their final applause
Unlike a play we've no such luxury
For us there will be no encore
I have just started a group called #TheDesireProject for poets.

Join if you like. It's still very early days but if enough people show interest it could be very cool :)

ps. i have no idea how to run a group lol :D
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October 6, 2012
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