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We were ever so worried
When we found the knotted noose
And scribbled diary entries
With tales of self abuse

Teenage tears and tantrums
Can easily be explained
But what on earth would cause these
Freshly dripped blood stains

We were ever so worried
When you locked yourself in your room
Painted the walls pitch black
And ignorantly we assumed

That this was just a phase
That it would soon come to pass
And pass it indeed did do
Far too soon and far too fast

We were ever so worried
When you dyed black your hair
No longer did we recognise
The child that was once here

Our precious little angel
Where did your shaken bones go
And why did you leave us here
With no reason and no note

We were ever so worried
To find an empty bed
No more teenage tantrums
Just endless silence instead

If we could bring you home
Take care and start a new
We'd sit our precious girl down
And ask 'whatever is to do?''
just to avoid any confusion ''whatever is to do?'' means ''what is wrong?' in my part of the world lol xD
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August 22, 2012
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