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When I was lost you found me
So now you’re lost let me find you
Fall into my arms sweetheart
No questions, it’s what lovers do

Cradled in my arms tonight
Till the morning after ensues
Maybe then you can see things
From a different point of view

We can sit here all night babe
I’m no saint to offer guidance
Just some whispered words of love
I’ll be here when you break your silence

There is no doctrine of life
But only second hand wisdom
Each person is their own jailor
And inmate begging for freedom

Some of those are there by choice
Others will just misplace the key
You are indeed the latter
But please know you can rely on me

May this torrid time tick away
This is no requiem to our love
As I refuse to mourn the end
Of you, of me and of us
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February 28, 2013
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