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Sometimes when I watch the sunrise
I imagine the first sunrise of all time
With so much potential for love
In the pure light of that dawning sunshine

God, you have given life to us
I see endless love in the tears that you cry
I am ready to drown within them
But you spared me today, I didn’t die

Sometimes when I see her smiling
I hope it’s because she is thinking of me
Maybe that time we watched the sunset
Or perhaps some other loving memory

God, I can see something in her
That no one else seems to be able to see
I just ask that when she prays to find love
You will direct her thoughts towards me

Sometimes when we watched the sunset
I’d imagine the last sunset of all time
My soul would not be cast into darkness
As your love would illuminate mine

God, today you will take my life from me
And as one last sun will sink in to the sea
Though I thank you for my life and for her love
Now is my time to become a memory
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Submitted on
April 6, 2014


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