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They found me in my dressing gown
About half a mile down the lane
Local youths are laughing at me
But yet still I feel no shame

Their stares are bouncing off me
Their words barely penetrate my ears
The cold weather, not my emotions
Is the reason for my tears

They found me in my dressing gown
I left my slippers by the front door
My bare feet have been torn to shreds
From broken bottles of the night before

New years eve celebrations
Chance for you all to begin again
I urge you to spend your time wisely
Love your family, love your friends

They found me in my dressing gown
A man in a white suit led me away
Asked me if I knew my address
Asked me if I knew my name

I did but I refused to tell him
I was a father, a husband, a son
But now I am nothing to no one
Now everyone has left me and gone

They found me in my dressing gown
Traced my footprints back to my front door
No signs of foul play were evident
Conspicuous was my homes candour

Everything was in its right place
Family photos on the mantel piece
Seven places set at the dinner table
But no one present for this half eaten feast
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October 30, 2012
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