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Listen to the words that rest easiest in your heart
‘A boy is coming that will change everything
With seven shades of emerald green in his eyes
One kiss from his lips will end your suffering

And he’ll wake you with a whisper from this nightmare
Prising the hands of hindsight from around your throat
While endeavouring to burst these unwanted thought bubbles
Before they have even had a chance to float

He’ll help you prick them with his narcoleptic needle
So you can fall back in to the limbo of your dreams
Where each lake of loathing can lead to endless love
But only through a passage of patience upstream

Take caution though as the resistance of the current
Is akin to the resistance he feels from you
To open those brown eyes that you’ve hidden so safely
Behind the flooded wasteland of your youth's been a while
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March 7, 2014


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