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I am too sterile and static
I can feel you walking away
Into the arms of the man who burns
But then again why would you stay

He is so young and beautiful
He lives life while I rehearse
Acting upon his desires
While I write about mine in verse

Our love was Russian roulette
Without bullets in the chamber
Passing the gun back and forth
Without any sense of danger

The fire in your heart has gone now
This cliché is not lost on me
Metaphorically I'm the water
That dampened our destiny

You said you would never leave me
But this contract was never binding
I want you to find your freedom
If there's a freedom worth finding

Beyond the love that we have
The excitement you used to feel
Believing that I was special
I was your sword, not your shield

In that I'd not only defend you
But I would fight for your love
But repetition led to tedium
I can see you have had enough

Your bruises have faded quicker
Than the cuts that sliced your skin
But beware that burns scar deeper
If you let that malign man in
i usually turn poems into songs but this time i did it the other way round. I wrote this song in 2010 and just adapted it into a poem :)

useless information, but it gives you something to read.

hi! by the way :) thank you for reading this :D
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August 25, 2012
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