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This is the very same dolorous tinged room
And I am within the very same skin
But try to speak to me like you did before
Well that will not be happening again

I have always had the power within me
The strength that I found was to hold it back
And not react to your loathing and lies
As defence can disarm such mindless attacks

I was passive to the point of acquiescence
But allow me to make this one thing clear
With tears and tales you re-invented my wheel
But that vicious cycle will end here

With the very same vocal chords I’m stretching
But with a voice that no longer cracks with nerves
I now speak with a gutful of self belief
To propel forward these remaining words

I have always had the power within me
And those tears to which you beared witness
Were shed only from emotions suppressed
And not from any sense of weakness

I loved you to the point of adoration
But just so you can fully understand
No chemical reaction of my mind
Could stop that boy becoming this man
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Submitted on
March 10, 2014


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