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I am afraid because I know
That I will never arrive
At a point where I am nourished
And emotionally satisfied

So to regulate my mood
I consume levels that disgrace
They suppose that this is greed
That assumption is misplaced

I’m addicted to the feeling
The short term stimulation
But that only makes me more prone
To those feelings of deflation

And stomach cramps and pains
Loose skin hanging from my bones
Eyes sinking into my skull
And those deathly grey skin tones

Will I ever fill the hole
Silence those voices for a while
I prepare my gut for sorrow
While I am spoon fed on denial

But life’s too much to digest
An acid reflux episode
Regurgitate my memories
Before my stomach explodes

In a culture such as ours
The blame lays nowhere but my plate
I chose the fats, sugars and salts
The impossible target weight

Now I’m afraid because I know
The end has already arrived
In the form of this addiction
To a staple we need to survive
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February 20, 2013
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