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We were found in a pool of blood
Starcrossed lovers in each others arms
Suicide note in your pocket
Your hand grasped tightly in my palm

You were wearing that red dress
Under your overcoat
The rain had fallen hard that day
Distorting the words which you'd wrote:

'Dear cruel world and everyone within
I am leaving you all today
With the only boy I have ever loved
Lay silent here next to me

Nobody understands me
Or heals my wounds like he does
He feels the pain and sadness too
and I think we have suffered enough

No tears should be shed on our passing
As our souls now reside as one
Look for us in the rain dew
Look for us in the morning sun

Listen for our voices in the wind
Whispering how everything will be ok
Life was ugly but our death has been played out
In such a beautiful way'
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September 28, 2012
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