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Submitted on
February 18, 2013
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Let me tell you this my friend
And I will tell you no more
If my passion is your crime
Then your love should be my law

I’m the exception to the rule
And the end of this blood line
I should hang my head in shame
I am repulsive by design

Allow me to elucidate
And I will tell you no lie
I am charged with being charmless
And I have no alibi

Feloniously you broke my heart
One chamber at a time
Though I’d expect nothing less
I am repulsive by design

Beware of the broken hearted
Indeed consider with caution
Repulsion cleansed my sorry soul
Such a spiritual abortion

But when a full term of sorrow
And low self esteem combine
I still remain unloveable
I am repulsive by design
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SIGILSMONOLITH Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
no i meant equius from homestuck
Rifle1980 Mar 29, 2013   General Artist
ahhh right. I have heard of it, but never seen :)
SIGILSMONOLITH Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
why am i thinking of equius
Rifle1980 Mar 7, 2013   General Artist
ah yeah, I get you. I have never seen the play but I know its horse related lol.

thanks for reading and commenting :D
EnlightenedEnigma Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A broken heart is painful.. I feel as if this poem gives me a taste of that feeling from long ago..
Rifle1980 Mar 5, 2013   General Artist
yeah, it can be one of the worst emotional pains.

Thanks for the comment :)
SkyeSteiner Feb 24, 2013  Student Writer
I can't tell you how much this applies to me in, I was thinking that exactly just a few minutes ago--I'm repulsive by design
Let's just say, your closest friends could be the best backstabbers.

I can really appreciate this poem because of it. This just made me feel better because it shows that I can still be proud about myself; All I can do is apologize for being me because I'm not going to change just for them (even if it could hurt).

So thank you so much
Rifle1980 Feb 24, 2013   General Artist
Yeah, stay true to yourself, that's all you can do :)

Some people will come and go in your life but the good ones who take you for what you are and dont judge you, will stick around.

Thank you for the comment. Its really nice to hear that someone could gain something from reading something i wrote :)
this better not be about you cause if it is it's not true :icontantrumplz: [i rhymed o:]
but i don't know why you were saying your poetry is rubbish now ._. they're brilliant! plus it's nothing like nursery rhymes because it has big words in there not suitable for children lol
Rifle1980 Feb 21, 2013   General Artist
:D you still remember the emoticons even though you havent been on for a while xD

lol maybe i can call them adult nursery rhymes

thanks again :hug:
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