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They found my love hanging
By a rope from a tree
With a note in her pocket
That was addressed to me

The stains of her tears
On the ripped out blank page
Evidence to my eyes
Of an emotional pain

The last tears she would shed
The last anguish she'd feel
The deepest cut to her heart
This time would not heal

And nor did it need to
Her earthly shackles left behind
Time now has no meaning
And meaning now has no time

Unfolding the piece of paper
Even the fresh air suffocates
Scribbled down , hurried scrawl
'if you're reading this, you are too late'

I fall to the floor frantic
Clutch the note to my face
Trying to catch my loves essence
Before in the wind, it drifts away
just another old one :D

haha cheerful again lol
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September 26, 2012
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