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I screamed at him "I'm leaving!"
He smiled and said "okay"
I said "no, for once I mean it
This time you wont make me stay"

But bags were never really packed
And that night in our bed I lay
The taste of blood on my lips
Still remained there the next day

I screamed at him "please stop this!
I am the Mother to your child
Baby, I know you have a temper
I know my ways make you so wild"

"But I promise I'll try harder
Not to push your buttons so much"
With that the beast resumed control
As I quiver at each stolen touch

They scream at me to leave him
To them it's such a simple choice
But it's been so long since I've heard
Anything but my master's voice

To the point that I no longer know
My own mind or my own heart
But today he said he's sorry again
And tomorrow will be a fresh start
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December 10, 2012
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