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He was crying lightning
An impulse from the brain
Unable to ignite his bones
Only serving to drain

A sense of melancholy
For a poor boy so young
Each breath had become a curse
Not a gift from his lung

She was crying lightning
There was calm before the storm
In the eye of the hurricane
Her boy was never warned

A sense of compunction
As once again she rolled the dice
Not once doubting the idiom
Lightning never strikes twice

They were crying lightning
Protons and electrons collide
As she whispered her secrets
Into his ear she confides

A sense of duality
They caress each others spark
Yet they're no longer static
As they emerge from the dark
a poem totally inspired by my good friend Hessa's :iconxturtlina: artwork Crying Lightning [link] which i think you will agree is wonderful :)

oh and I am well aware of the Arctic Monkeys song before anyone says lol
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December 6, 2012
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