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I was the boy who remained silent
Through those weeks, months and years
Watching the tide begin to rise
From all of your fallen tears

A tide of insecurity
That in time became so deep
It would set about draining you
Of all the secrets that you keep

I was the boy who remained mute
I watched your life unfold from above
As you were shattered with pain
And given false hope with love

So many times I was tempted
To come and heal my angels pain
But up above in the blue sky
For now at least I would remain

I was the boy who stayed silent
A hush so deafeningly loud
You were never alone though
Princess, I was on a cloud

I watched as all of these things
Came to pass down below
And why didn't I intervene?
I had faith that alone you would grow
x x x x x x x
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October 8, 2012
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