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Today her parents ask how her day has been
By now the answer has been well rehearsed
She insists to them that everything is fine
But the reality is the reverse

In fact she’s the antonym of the word ‘fine’
Inadequate, unsatisfactory
This is due to her creatively cursed mind
Steeped in a world of such simplicity

Yesterday friends asked how she has been coping
Waiting for their turn to talk, do they care?
They just see a happy, contented princess
Not a pensive, vacant, glazed over stare

In fact she’s the opposite of contented
Restless and at war with reality
Battling feelings of alienation
From unsupportive friends and family

Tomorrow strangers will ask her what is wrong
But in white lies she has become well versed
Knowing that the tar black pit of torrid truth
Will not dilute and only make things worse

She’s living the antonym of the word ‘truth’
But her lies are not designed to betray
Just to cover the cracks and to smother those
Who aren’t part of her daily masquerade
Thank you to my good friend Lena :iconmexicanpedo: for inspiring me to write this with her wonderful gif [link]

Both her and Dzeni (who share the account together) are extremely talented, two of my favourite deviants and should definitely be checked out.

thank you :)
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March 27, 2013
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