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Oh the storm clouds they are gathering now
Winds are lifting grains of sand from the shore
The patterns in which they rearrange themselves
Are too relevant for me to ignore

Faces from the past that I recognise
Faces from the future that I have not met
Faces from a life I thought I’d left behind
Faces that I tried so hard to forget

Oh the storm clouds they are gathering now
My whole life has been a prelude to this day
For each grain of sand lifted from the shore
There are a million more that are blown away

Faces from a past that I never lived
Faces from a future that was not my fate
They swallow me up whole in this dust bowl
Then spew me out as I contemplate

Oh the storm clouds they have been and gone
And left me alone with an empty space
Situated somewhere between my memories
And my fragile, regretful mind state

Faces fill those voids as we move through life
Faces that are like footprints in the sand
Some are blown away as quickly as they came
Others guide us from the dark place we began
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Submitted on
March 30, 2014


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