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Every time with the same brush
This girl paints so many strokes
Each one speaking of emotions
Louder than the words she wrote

So where does the magic lie,
Allowing this girl's mood to swing?
Is it in the paint or the colours,
The feeling of release it brings?

She lets go of those emotions
That are too painful to express
The open ear of a loved one
Now an empty white canvas

Cathartic is the process
With her dainty little strokes
Thick layers of paint will take us
To land's nobody else knows

Now she paints with love for us
And happiness in her heart
The trees, the flowers, the sunset
The smiles, the eyes, the stars

Every time with same brush
Just different colours and shades
As the white canvas disappears
Her negative thoughts begin to fade
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June 1, 2012
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