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My worries are a reservoir
Her worries are a lake
In that they’re very real indeed
Whereas mine are very fake

Invented to seek attention
Lies, oh despicable lies
One day I’ll drown in metaphors
Please be sure to sympathise

But while you show me this concern
Who'll be looking out for her
Blood curdling screams from my mouth
She is nil by mouth and verse

I have cried wolf so many times
She can’t even cry her own tears
My lies are spun in silk cobwebs
My spinneret shrouding your ears

I spoon fed you daily doses
So it was easier to digest
I planted those seeds of sorrow
Your fertile mind did the rest

Lies, all those despicable lies
What ever could be more obscene
Perhaps a girl that no one heard
Who was found dead at age sixteen
hello. this poem isnt't about me or specifically anyone I know. Just an observation of people in general :)
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February 4, 2013
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