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His Little Princess had now departed
She was lay face down in a tranquil pond
The dead water of which was her worries
That he tried so hard to rescue her from

The lead weight of life and her memories
Had dragged her down to new depths and held sway
Bringing her to that body of water
In which her callow body was now lay

His Little Princess had now departed
Her vapid throne vacant for evermore
Father passed her the key of his wisdom
Too afraid was she to open the door

Had she hung on a little while longer
She would have seen there was a better place
That her childhood was just a stepping stone
Towards a life that is far less debased

His Little Princess had now departed
How she wished her Father had been a King
Who would have rescued her from the shadow
That misery casts upon everything

But at some point his crown must have fallen
As he drifted and didn’t see the signs
Her life was like a road in a blizzard
The snow; this remorseful Father’s closed mind
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March 18, 2013
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