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Will you take a Polaroid picture
And shake it in your hand
As you wait for it to develop
Please try to understand

That my smile might as well be painted
My tears photoshopped out
I'll add a caption on the reverse
So there will be no doubt

That I swing low like a pendulum
In a grandfather clock
That I fly high as a soaring kite
With each tick and each tock

Will you take a Polaroid picture
And hold me in your hands
As you wait for me to develop
Please try to understand

There'll be days when I'm as cold as ice
I'll thaw myself for you
And those things I said with aggression
I will try to undo

You should take me in to a dark room
And shake me till its clear
The love I show you is very real
The hate just comes from fear
not about myself but based on a friend of a friend :)
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August 17, 2012
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