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It was a lonely cold winter's day
Not cold enough to freeze the leaves
But cold enough that as I exhale
It made visible this air that I breathe

The frozen grass around the pond
Creaks under my lead weight feet
Only fog alone will now obscure
What lies beneath the ice sheet

Are mine the only eyes to see her
Why is she still in her night clothes
Will she not be cold alone down there
Perhaps she has long since froze

And if so how does she talk to me
Knowing exactly how I think
Staring so long into her face
One day I'm sure I saw her blink

It was a lonely cold winter's day
I'd been here many times before
My parents told me to stay away
But my dreams told me to ignore

School became a preoccupation
As did food and a good nights sleep
I'd close my eyes and I'd see the girl
Not only blinking but she'd weep

Maybe I found her for a reason
While passers by came and went
And as the end of winter approached
I asked what would become of my friend

Would she rise to the surface for me
Or sink solemnly out of my life
I don't want to be alone again
So I take my first step onto the ice
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October 23, 2012
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