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As a child I was kicked by a horse
While approaching from behind
It knocked me clean across the stable
This fragile framed boy of nine
I tried so hard to be strong and brave
And as Mother wiped my tears away
All I could think was I must return
To the stable the very next day

I barely slept a wink that night
For thinking about the steed
And how the doctor said I‘d be dead
If hoof had hit below my knee
Running my hand over the horseshoe
That was bruised onto my thigh
I felt a very real connection
Between the animal and I

Mother woke me as dawn broke
Asked if I still wanted to go
To visit the scene of the crime
To visit my equus foe
I nodded bravely and forced a smile
And with that we were on our way
I recognised the farmers son
I recognised the bales of hay

And there he was right in front of me
He seemed bigger than before
But there was no fear in my heart
Just a sense of wonder and awe
The farmers son took me by the hand
And as he tended to its mane
He fed the horse a sugar cube
And encouraged me to do the same

So I held my hand to its lips
And despite the size of its teeth
It took the treat with gentle ease
Never once hurting me
My heart was beating fast but steady
While my bones quivered like a leaf
Yet I knew the moral of the story
Was not going to be lost on me

We may have great power within us
Whether physical or of mind
We may be a lover or a fighter
Or just a little boy of nine
And though we can't escape our nature
No matter how we try to live
As beautifully flawed wild animals
We atleast have the power to forgive
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February 17, 2013
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