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Of late there has been something missing
From my visage, my mien and my face
My adult self not able to regain
What it is my childhood has misplaced

The absence has become more apparent
And is there for the assemblage to see
But as it did not happen over night
The origin remains a mystery

Could it be the colour and the tone
Of my sallow skin pigmentation
From too many hours indoors alone
And within my imagination

Perhaps I should pierce my ear and nose
Rebel against a faceless system
Or indeed tattoo text upon my neck
Quoting some so-called ancient wisdom

I could iron out all of the creases
Nip and tuck on my pronounced cheek bones
But this would mean erasing my journey
So I might never find my way home

And none of these things in any case
Will ever change the person that I am
Or influence the mood of the others
Like a timely facial expression can

From limbic system to nerve and muscle
To the countenance conveyed on my face
So complex that even Mona Lisa’s mood
Took over four years to encapsulate

Along with that epiphanic moment
Comes emotional dexterity and guile
As I realise; while my eyes still twinkle
All I have been lacking is a smile
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March 21, 2013
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