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I compare my parents courtship
To a plane taking to the sky
The ascent is the conception
Of me, my inner self and I

And should I survive the full term
From utero I shall emerge
As I jump from the aeroplane
Spiralling my way down to Earth

Descending through the atmosphere
I discern that this is my life
As the weather reflects my mood
From the sunshine to lightning strikes

The clouds they tend to come and go
As I tumble my way on through
A metaphor for life’s problems
Small dilemmas to big issues

But I choose not to close my eyes
As terra firma comes into sight
Even though death approaches me
At the unerring speed of life

If I open my parachute
If I open my torrid mind
A soft landing will greet my bones
As my soul leaves this world behind
Air Born(e)
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February 26, 2013
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