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Whether I’m laughing in awkward situations
Or crying when everybody else smiles
I go from wanting to stay in bed forever
To wanting to run directionless for miles

Normality just feels like silent floorboards
And is something I most definitely fear
See I need to creak every once in a while
You won’t understand but I like being weird

Talking when everybody else is silent
Being deathly quiet in a maelstrom of noise
As I decide if I’ll be your friend today
But I promise that you are not just a toy

Normality just feels like empty nightscapes
And is something I most definitely fear
I need the stars to spell out my last name
Don’t try to understand me, I’m just being weird

Regressing to when I was a child again
Trying to forget how I learnt to be scared
Thinking how much I miss the simplicity
And how for this nonsense I was not prepared

But normality just feels like a life sentence
And is something I most definitely fear
At the end of this sentence comes a full stop
As I’m the only one who gets to call me weird
I Like Being Weird
So I was just a child
And they said that this was ‘just a phase’
That lasted 20 years
And 364 days

Tomorrow will I switch
From an adolescence damaged mess
To a mature adult
Able to cope with all of this stress?

Or will I just remain
Embedded in my concrete routine
That’s waiting to be smashed
By my sledgehammer wielding dreams

Give me the key to the door
I will turn the knob fast
Clockwise to see the future
Back again to remain in the past

So I was just a child
And they said that this was just a phase
Melatonin helped me sleep
Right through this melancholic haze

But tomorrow I will wake
From an adolescent slumber
Shake off the shackles
That have only served to encumber

My free spirit, free will
And most importantly my feel mind
With a lifetime of whispers
My voice has been difficult to find

But I’ll take the key in hand
Clear my throat as I toss it away
Smash the door from the hinges
Now you’ll listen to what I have to say
21 Years Old

a sequel to the poem 19 Years Old

In the UK when we get to 21 years of age we are said to get the ''keys to the door''
Some people will see the blank page
As comparable to the most dreadful curse
But I see it as potential
To write in my own words the perfect verse

And though this is yet to happen
The promise will always remain right there
Like a newborn leaving the womb
As they take their first breath of fresh air

Some people will see the blank page
As a reason or excuse to give in
But every great literary work
Needed a scribbled first word to begin

Seeds of a thought that blossom
Thoughts that bloom in to an idea
The page slowly becomes your friend
As the reason you’re writing becomes clear

Some people will see the blank page
As their familiar adversary
As difficult to run away from
As the hardest to forget memory

But like those unwanted memories
It eventually will have to be faced
Don’t hide away from the hollow
And with words the blank page will be replaced
The Beauty of the Blank Page
Some broken people can hurt you without thought
But believe me when I say it’s not their fault
With an open wound as delicious as yours
It would be a shame not to rub in the salt

So why do you insist on shaking that girl
Do you like playing the martyr on your knees?
Acting like you’re a paragon of purity
Well today that purity feels ripe for disease

Some broken people cry not knowing what for
Have sympathy as they weren’t born with black hearts
Like you and I they have grey matter in their brain
But their thoughts are a great distance from dark

So why do you insist on hitting that girl
When she stopped feeling many blue moons ago?
A waste of energy, like her wasted breath
When she told you that her safe word was ‘no’

Some broken people lash out without warning
At those close to them that they hold most dear
Trying to fight away those armed with feelings
Yet at the same time wishing that they were near

So why do you insist on leaving that girl?
She’s a conundrum you’re unable to solve
Yes, it’s dark in there but that’s how she likes it
It’s where her beautiful, twisted thoughts revolve
Some Broken People
You once said you’d write a poem to my mother
About how much you loved her only son
But something seems to have changed in your heart of late
And now the word count has become none

I know I am not your knight in shining armour
In fact no armour could protect me
From all the nights I have spent sitting in the dark
With no moon to light up my misery

You once said you had dreamt of the two of us
Young lovers stood knee deep in a lake
But you chose to increase the depth of the water
Before I even had a chance to wake

Now I am drowning in the dreams of your sunset
As I can't get a handle on my blues
Still I offer you my shoulders to stand on
So you can breathe but of course you refuse

You once said that you were writing me a letter
And told me to read it with a smile
But I’m not sure if I can remember how to
Since it has been such a very long while

Still I begin to read it with a hopeful heart
And each swirl of your calligraphic scrawl
Forms a butterfly that takes flight from the page
As the word count slowly begins to fall
The Word Count Is None


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